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We Met Our 70th Birthday Challenge!

An image of a thermometer indicating how much money has been raised our $70,000 goal.

Huge thanks go out to all of you who helped make and exceed our goal of raising $70,000 this holiday season. Mission Focused Solutions specializes in doing what seems undoable, whether meeting a challenge like this, or shifting policies, practices, and beliefs that prevent children in foster care from achieving permanent families.

Thank you all for working with us for the children.

Why What How

                 “I just want a family that will love me and let me stay” Libby, age 13

Mission Focused Solutions is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides strategies and advocacy to assist child welfare organizations keep the promise of permanency for children in their care.

Solutions We Offer

  •  Funding Youth Permanency – Our proven funding methodology covers the cost of specialized services to achieve permanent families for “tweens” and teens in foster care
  • Early Permanence – We help public and private placement agencies to increase placement stability and improving permanency outcomes for children in foster care through transformed recruitment and support of Resource Families.  Resource Families take placement of children early in the reunification process, support the birth families to achieve their reunification plan while concurrently committing to adopt the children in their care that are unable to safely return home.
  • Building Capacity for Permanence – We provide services to select child welfare organizations to improve their permanency practices and the organizational systems that support them.